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On 18 March 2024  the North East Pensioners Association were represented at a Parliamentary Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry into the rights of older people by NEPA Chair Eileen Thompson. 

Following representation from Independent Age UK the Commiittee wanted to hear directly from older people .   Issues discussed included digital exclusion particularly with reference to online banking and closure of bank branches,  the budget which had no recognition that pensioners existed and failed to unfreeze tax allowances which means 80,000 more older people will start paying income tax on their pensions, the situation for WASPI pensioners, disappearance of land lines and lack of doctors and dentists.   All of these clearly point to the need for a Commissioner or Minister for Older People and Ageing who could champion and look after the needs, interests and requirements of older people.

The Centre for Aging Better Report – on the state of aging 2023.

Since 2012-13, the number of pensioners living in poverty has steadily increased. But the situation is even worse for those just below state pension age. Contrary to stereotypes about ‘wealthy baby boomers’, people aged 60-64 have the highest poverty rates among adults of any age. Even when this group reaches state pension age, several trends explored in this report suggest that millions will continue to struggle. Click on image below to read the summary findings of the report.