Pensioners To Be Squeezed.The House of Lords’ Select Committee report entitled Tackling Intergenerational Fairness, published on 25 April 2019 is just the latest in a long line to argue for the scrapping or means-testing of universal pensioner benefits, on the premise that older people are no longer living in poverty. This 114 page document includes in its recommendations:

  • Removing the triple lock for state pensions.
  • Phasing out free TV licences based on age.
  • Free bus passes and Winter Fuel Payments only available 5 years after state pension age (SPA) from 2026-28 when SPA will be 67.
  • The government should consider taxing pensioners benefit.
  • Workers over SPA who earn over £12,500 and continue to work should pay National Insurance.

The National Pensioners Convention 3 page analysis is well worth a read.